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Taylor Swope is an artist and designer best known for her music inspired clothing line, Little Hippie®, The Child that Rocks® & Born to be Green. Now in its tenth year, Little Hippie® has grown from a kitchen counter project to a serious apparel operation, offering both imprinted items as well as cut and sewn styles.

Having devoted so much attention to the growth of this business, Taylor has had the opportunity to explore the many mediums of contemporary creative design which she continues to pursue, ever in search of the ultimate color coordination. No matter what the visual challenge, Taylor posesses the skills and scope of vision to find an innovate solution.

Taylor splits her time between her NYC apartment and a family cottage on the CT shoreline where the Little Hippie® warehouse is located. She loves both the city and the trees and believes harmony is found in the balance of opposites. An avid adventurer, her artwork frequently reflects a love of travel, the joy of music and the peace of open water.
References & resumé available upon request.


All images, writings & design elements © Taylor Swope.